My ND Now: North Dakota manufacturer receives another award for excellence

myndnow_site_placeholderBy: Steve Kirch
Posted: Aug 22, 2018 08:30 AM CDT
A manufacturing company on the Western Edge of the state was presented with yet another award for excellence on Tuesday morning in Dickinson

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing received an Elite Supplier of the year award from one of top global aerospace, defense companies- Lockheed Martin.

“In the defense industry we need things to work the first time, everytime, and be delivered on time, and I think that is largely what this award celebrates,” said Kristin Hedger, VP of Business Development for Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing.

The company was founded by Kristin Hedger’s grandfather, Don Hedger in 1987 in Killdeer.

Since then the company has grown substantially with more than 300 employees and facilities in Dickinson and Hettinger,

“I think it says that we have a great compan run by a great family that cares about its community, and it cares about its employees, ” said Sen. Kelly Armstrong, ND State Senate and a U.S. Congressional candidate, who was in attendance for the event.

Aside from Lockheed Martin Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing supplies commercial and defense gear to other prominent companies like Raytheon and Boeing.

“Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing makes wire harnesses, circuit cards, and fiber optic assemblies that are largely for the aerospace industry, said Hedger.

The equipment is essentially the brain and nervous system of the air craft, and Hedger said the company is “actually a leader worldwide in aerospace”.

Armstrong said the company is creating a major footprint in North Dakota with its sustained excellence in the manufacturing sector.

“We talk about our ag and energy industries, because they are global in nature, but I don’t think there is a company in North Dakota that has more of a global impact than Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing”.

Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken, who was in attendance with several other leaders from around the state for the ceremony, said KMM’s success is helping to diversify North Dakota’s workforce.

“These are high paying jobs. They are secure jobs, and they aren’t derived from energy or agricultural”.

In the end Hedger said the company’s magic formula is good old North Dakota values in its employees.

“It’s just good heartland values. We want to build a good quality product and get it to our customers on time”.

Earlier this year KMM received an Excellence in Advocacy Award from Boeing for creating jobs and economic success in the industry.

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