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Kristin Hedger

Kristin Hedger

Kristin Hedger’s North Dakota roots run deep. Kristin’s great grandfather was one of the most prominent dentists in western North Dakota. Her great uncle was one of the founding sheriffs. Her grandfather is one of the foremost business leaders in our state.

Kristin continues this commitment to building a better North Dakota. She has returned to North Dakota to serve as the third generation of leadership with Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing (KMM). KMM is a manufacturing company founded to provide jobs in small communities in North Dakota. With a world-class customer base of commercial aerospace and defense systems, KMM has excelled in providing quality opportunities for farm and ranch families to supplement their incomes, and opportunities for young people to work in the most competitive manufacturing global supply chain.

Kristin is grateful to have had the opportunity to work for Senator Byron Dorgan and work in service to North Dakotans in both his Washington D.C. and Bismarck offices. During her 6-year tenure working in a number of positions for the Senator, she worked on a wide range of issues, from agriculture and energy to trade. Kristin also worked for Senator Dorgan on the Democratic Policy Committee.

Kristin was born in Bismarck and grew up in Killdeer, North Dakota. She completed her high school education at Tivy High School in Kerrville, Texas. She returned each summer and holidays to Killdeer to live with her grandparents throughout her high school years. Having lived with her grandparents throughout the period that her grandfather was founding KMM, she received a deep appreciation for the business, and an appreciation for what small business can do for communities and families in North Dakota.

Kristin also saw, first-hand, how public policy decisions can either help or hinder the progress of small business. This fostered a passion for engaging our democratic process and policymakers for the benefit of small business and the common good. Kristin serves on the board of the National RFID Education Foundation.

Her passion for building better communities through economic development led Kristin to work with other North Dakota businesses to found the Dakota Defense Alliance (DDA). The alliance has grown to have more than 35 member companies and has been successful in networking companies and securing complementary contracts that allow more dollars to remain in our state. DDA’s vision is to reach beyond North Dakota’s borders to network in the global market and contribute to our defense manufacturing and high technology needs.

Kristin received a bachelor of arts in political science from the American University’s School of Public Affairs in Washington, D.C., while playing tennis as a scholarship athlete. Kristin also holds a Masters in Arts and Religion with a concentration in ethics from Yale University, where she served in the Graduate and Professional School Senate and on the Yale Legislative Advocacy Group.